I encourage singers, beginners and appreciators to take a break from day to day life and learn the art of song.  Singing is the best self-help prescription you can give to yourself.

Whether you have had voice lessons in the past or if you are interested in how to sing. It is an opportunity for new beginners to appreciate the art of song and love for singing.

The foundations of singing that are introduced and developed are posture, breath, resonance, projection and presentation.

Continuing education expands on the information that you have learned in the past. Here is an opportunity to expand the range of your voice and add strength and confidence to your skills. Your best loved songs will be reviewed and new songs will be added to your repertoire.

New repertoire gives you the opportunity to apply new skills to your singing.  Musical phrasing, beautiful vocal line, dynamics and character development are presented.

Practicing techniques are incorporated into the lessons and specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the singer.