Class Course:  Confident Speaking Class

Individual attention will be given within the classroom environment.  Classes to be taken consecutively and not sold separately. $250.00 


Class I          Intro to posture and breath

Find your most comfortable posture and learn why and how to maintain the best stance for yourself.  Breathing and posture exercises will be taught, practiced and assigned for personal development.


Class II         Resonance and Vocal Quality

Explore the function of the larynx, vocal folds, vocal resonators and how to apply breath and posture for maximum performance.


Class III       Diction and articulation

The articulating musculature of the lips, teeth and tip of the tongue and making the most of vowels and consonants pronouncing words and phrases. Continued focus on breath, posture and resonance.


Class IV        Inflection and flow

Rise and fall of the voice while maintaining good posture, breath, resonance, articulation and expression to feel confidence and strength in your words and yourself.


Class V         Putting it all together

All of the techniques and exercises learned during this course come together for your best vocal presentation. Use a prepared speech or materials used within the course to prepare and practice.