"Beautiful performance. I enjoyed your singing.  What secret will you share with me because I'm singing with Leonard Bernstein next month."      Aretha Franklin    Detroit, Michigan

"I have never worked with anyone on the stage that I enjoyed more than working with you. If it had not been for you, Civic Light Opera Company would be out of business.”
          Walt Swenson, President, Board of Directors, Seattle Civic Light Opera

“Please know that we value the contributions you have made to our instructional program and appreciate your commitment to our students. I hope that you will be interested in teaching for us again in the future.”
          Margaret Merrion, Dean, Western Michigan University College of Fine Arts

“She has set the highest standards for her students and they have responded with respect, loyalty and improved skills.”
          Dr. Joe Miller, Voice Department Chairman, Western Michigan University

“Your grant request for Ionia High School vocal training meets the highest criteria because its funding will provide students instruction that would not otherwise be available.”
          Jack Welborn, Senator, State of Michigan

 “It is apparent that our students have benefited from your affiliation with our program.”
          Richard O’Hearn, Western Michigan University Director of School of Music

 “Thank you for your added touch and voice to our annual awards event. You are terrific.”
          Edward Overstreet, Michigan Federation of Private Child and Family Agencies

“Thank you for singing the national anthem for the Michigan Township Supervisors Annual Convention. Thank you for sharing your beautiful  talent.”
          Grayden Slowins, President, Township Supervisors for State of Michigan

"Thank you so much for all of the wonderful qualities you brought to our concert. Your voice, musicianship, spiritual communication, warmth, strength, team spirit and energy were excellent. I look forward to working with you again."            

          Suzanne Tiemstra, Director Grand Rapids Choral Society

"You have such control, variety, subtlety, dynamics, as well as good sound and power. And you perform so well besides! It was truly enjoyable to hear you perform. Again, a wonderful recital."                                                            Rev. Mark Keely  First Presbyterian Church, Ionia, Michigan

"We cannot thank you enough for recognizing Alissa's vocal medical issues. Upon your recommendation and follow up, she went to an Otolaryngologist and was diagnosed with GERD. We found out that she has a genital defect on the valve to her stomach. The valve could not close and stomach acid was constantly leaking into her espohagus and caused damage to her vocal cords. We did not know that she had this congenital defect. We are so thankful that you suspected a problem and sent her to the specialist. She will now be able to move onto to her Junior year at the university.  We are indebted to you,"                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. A.  Sheridan, Wyoming